Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Forever

Happy Valentine's Day!  Frank and I were just saying that the last V-Day we remember was 2008 when we were dating, but this has been one for the record books.  He brought me a cup of coffee in bed, and then he tells me that he took the day off to spend with us!  After I got out of the shower, I realized he had made the bed (this is huge, people)!  I was ready to call the day a success right there!

Jacob received some cute cards, and for some reason, he took them up to his room once he opened them.  Wouldn't you love to know what goes through their minds?

The back of Great Grandma & Grandpa's card was a coloring page!

We went to the bookstore in the morning; Frank bought a management book and Jacob bought a book about animals.  (Jacob already knows all he needs to know about management!)  Then we went to Parent/Tot Open Gym, which was so nice because Frank could see Jacob in action instead of just hearing me recount his antics.  After open gym, we headed to Panera.  It's kind of a joke between us that Frank thinks Panera is "girl food,"- and I loooove Panera- so having lunch there was extra special.  After lunch and Jacob's nap, we were even able to go outside for a while.  I think it was in the low to mid 40's but it felt like a heat wave after the last several weeks of snow. 

I also received some beautiful flowers at my workplace (a/k/a home) this afternoon from my two favorite guys!

I am so blessed to be Frank's wife and Jacob's mom, and not just because I got flowers and a special lunch (although it was pretty awesome, I have to say).  I remember lots of Valentine's Days where I didn't have anyone or had the wrong someone, which is even worse.  I remember wondering if I would ever find the right guy or if I would ever have children.  If I would have known that the process would have a happy ending, I might have been more patient, but I didn't know that then and I was pretty bitter and cynical about the whole dating game. 

The thing I am most certain of in this world is that Frank and I were created for each other.  He is, without a doubt, the best thing that's ever happened to me, and then he gave me Jacob.  We have a life that I wasn't sure I would ever have, and now I have two guys who are my Valentines forever. 

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