Friday, February 25, 2011

Talk Talk Talk

This week I've noticed a jump in Jacob's vocabulary.  I still can't decipher most of what he says, but he jabbers constantly and makes more consonant-type sounds.  We're pretty sure he says "on", "this (dis)", "Dib (his nickname)","hi", "here", and "baby."  How's that for a random list?  My mom is totally sure he picked up a rock a few days ago and said, "This rock" (which sounded like "dis ock"). We've also thought he's entered a room and announced, "Baby here!" 

Just last week, I was worried because I had read that 15 month olds should be speaking 5 words in addition to "mama" and "dada", and I didn't think that he was there yet.  Maybe I'm just not listening hard enough!

Trying to translate his baby-talk has provided some major entertainment for us.  Frank will play a game where he "interprets" Jacob, and Frank usually ends up saying some random combination of words like, "Goose...anthem...wish..."  Cracks us up, but maybe you have to be there!

He's also been really into phones this week, which may be a good way to encourage him to talk more.  When he "talks" on the phone, he puts the phone behind his head and talks into his elbow, which is hilarious to watch.  Both my mom and Brittney let him play with their phones, so when he has my old phone, he's a little annoyed that it isn't as fancy!  He wants more buttons to push- more lights and more sound!

I think it's broken, mom.

I am so happy that he's beginning to talk more (and no, I won't regret saying that).  His little mind is so unique.  I can't wait to have real conversations with him...

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  1. The last picture looks like he's pointing a gun. That would be cool. My son was barfing while I was reading this. Also, you should write about raccoons. People (me) would like that.