Wednesday, June 10, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

A fire in the firepit

Backyard pool shenannigans


Attending the ILCBA Anniversary Gala at the Willis Tower

These three faces

Frank and Brett's game of cul-de-sac tennis

Cartie eating snacks and watching a performance of Summer Stories in the Park

This monkey, who won't let his daddy have any peace and quiet, ever

My parents swinging with the kids

These guys cleaned up for church, weirdo faces and all

Salad-stuffed shells (recipe coming soon!)

Children who are so tired from sun and fun that they sometimes fall asleep in the middle of the day!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last month, Jacob started t-ball practice. He's playing in a Lion's Club league in the town of Hudson, where he'll go to elementary school. You can barely see, but he's on the left in the grey shirt in the picture below.

Practices were held at the elementary school diamond which was unmowed and covered with weeds. Ironically, Frank and I were charmed all over again by this small town and school, and it re-affirmed our decision to live where we do, as it allows the kids the best of both town and country worlds.

(Gratuitous shot of the back of the school, mainly for the grandparents' benefit. :) )

Carter enjoyed playing on the playground equipment while Jacob practiced.

All week, Jacob looked forward to practice.  I think the rules of the game are starting to make more sense to him now, and he was excited to play ball like the big boys.  We are just happy to see him paying more attention this year, rather than picking weeds in the outfield!

The kids had four practices, and they will play four games.  Last Tuesday was the first game, and I am excited to say that Jacob made the first play of the game, fielding a ball and tagging first base! (After which, embarrassingly, his parents may have high-fived each other!)  Fielding his definitely his "thing," and he really hustles to get the ball.

Here he is playing a completely made-up position. :) (In t-ball, I don't think the coaches worry so much about standing in a certain spot as long as the kids are paying attention to the ball.) His little friend Ethan is on first base.

Water break!


Back out in the field where he likes to be.

It's been so much fun watching him enjoy this summer tradition!