Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring Yard Work

We've started the first few weeks of May with lots of outdoor time.  We had a long stretch of nice 80 degree temps, and I've used it to do a lot of yard work.  I've cut back all the grasses and trimmed all the bushes, except for the lilacs which are finally in bloom.

As a side note, did you know that when you cut a lilac to use in a vase, you should hammer the end of the stem so that it can absorb more water? That little tip brought to you by my mom via Martha Stewart.

I've also divided the hosta and given away eleven plants to friends.  Here is Jake "helping" me with the hosta.

And here he is five minutes later! 

Seriously,he is actually becoming helpful, when he's in the mood. He's decided to plant basil, a strawberry plant (June maturity), and a cherry tomato plant (July maturity).

Our issue is the bunnies.  I've elevated the pots, so maybe the bunnies won't find these plants.  Say a little prayer!

This year, I decided to switch up the planters on the front steps.  In past years, I've had a tall green plant in the center, but this year, I went with a white geranium for height.  This isn't the best picture, but on either side of the geranium are pink double impatiens and a fuschia.  The middle of the planter has purple mini-petunias (which you totally can't see in this pic), and some white petunias.  There is English ivy on the sides and a sweet potato vine at the front of the planter.  Obviously, my theory on planters is similar to my "More is More" theory on Christmas decorations.   I think these will look great once they fill out a bit.

Last Saturday, we had our mulch delivered. Moving mulch is one of our least favorite chores of the year, but it looks soo good once it's done.  This year, our neighbors let us borrow a wheelbarrow, shovel, and rake, so we had two sets of equipment going at the same time.  This was Frank's pile, and I worked a pile on the driveway.

See what I mean?  Such a pain to do, but such pretty results!

The crazy creatures with whom we share our yard did not agree.  For days, we had mulchy-headed ground squirrels popping up and chattering and bunnies scampering around, confused about the stuff under their feet.

There was even a duck!

Now I plan on sitting back, relaxing and just enjoying the yard for a while. Oh, and watering!