Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm Back!

Crazy, right?  The last month or so has been a whirlwind!  I am teaching a new class in addition to the one I've taught for several years, and it's taken a lot of time.  Additionally, September is just busy with getting in the school routine:  new events, signups, and volunteer opportunities.  On top of that, my camera broke.  (RIP, camera.)  The quality of my phone pics just isn't as good, and the perfectionist in me winces at posting them.

But I'm gonna do it anyway. :)

This little nugget is totally enjoying preschool this year.  Snack time is the highlight of his day, of course.  Unlike his brother, he comes home and tells me every little detail about his day, so that's been fun.

Jacob started Cub Scouts and has been enjoying launching rockets and shooting BB guns.  (Side note: it's awesome that they have YouTube tutorials on topics like, "How do I put together my Cub Scout's rocket?"  Because I totally needed that tutorial... can parents earn badges, too? :) )

Jacob also gathered a bunch of corncobs that the combine missed, picked off the corn kernels, and planted them.  I joked that we would have a cornfield in the backyard, and it was all fun and games until... something started growing! The little plants by the hosta sprouted right where the planted the corn! He is SO excited and waters his "field" daily.

Not to be outdone, Carter went to the library and became a super-hero-firefighting-magician.

So we're still here.  And I haven't abandoned this little space.  Eventually, I'll get an awesome new camera and a bunch of time (or maybe just an awesome new camera!) and get back on track with regular blogging!