Thursday, August 4, 2016

Savoring Summer

As we're now in the last few weeks of summer break (wasn't it June like, four seconds ago?!), I'm in the mood to reflect on all the fun things we've done this summer.

In addition to both kids taking swimming lessons again, Jacob played baseball,

and Carter played his first year of "wee-ball."

We visited park after park.

and even had a few picnics.

We were industrious, too. The boys did some gardening

and helped Dad wash the car.

We had an amazingly fun Fourth of July with family as well as with our friends from the neighborhood.

We took a card and fruit try to the local police department to say thank you for keeping us safe.

We spent lots of time splashing in the backyard pool,

playing cars,

and watching way too many Youtube videos on the iPad.

We enjoyed lots of great summer foods such as:

 pineapple salsa

 fresh summer salads

and grilled pizza.

Of course, we didn't forget the s'mores!

We have truly savored every bit of summer this year!