Wednesday, November 20, 2013


  • What a wild storm on Sunday!  Bad weather doesn't really bother me, but there were a few minutes, sitting in the basement under the stairs, where I wondered if this one was going to be a game-changer. Fortunately, the only damage we had was to our basketball goal.  Now, how do you fix that?!

  • One of Carter's favorite snacks is apples.  He takes an apple wedge and then kind of teethes on it, spitting out little pieces.  It's the wierdest thing, but it can keep him busy for a long time.  

      • On Friday evening, I went to a girls-only wine and appetizer party at our neighbor's house.  Before I was invited, I had also signed up to make dinner that evening for a lady in my mom's group-- who is also a neighbor--who just had a baby.  The party required we make an appetizer that paired with our wine.  So by 7:00, when I left for my party, I had made an appetizer and made dinner twice.  I told Frank I was sure I'd be home by 10 because all I wanted to do was get into my pjs.  (Here is where I need to say that the clock on my phone has been a hour slow since the time change.  No matter what I did, it wouldn't set to the correct time, so I just got used to it being an hour ahead.)  Well, the party was a ton of fun, and I caught my second wind.  When I checked my phone, the clock said 10:40, so I'm thinking it's 9:40.  As I walked in the door, Frank said, "I told you that you'd be out past 10."  Apparently, the clock on my phone had finally reset itself to the correct time, and it actually was 10:40!  Oooops.
      • I cleaned out the toybox last week, and threw out everything that was broken.  Which, for us, is a lot.  Then I took another full sack down to the basement.  And you know what?  I don't think either one of them noticed!  Jacob still has 487,238 cars, so he's fine, and Carter still has Rubbermaid containers so he's fine, too.  I had to take a picture of them one afternoon:  pillows on the floor, coasters in the windows, bowls dumped over, and potholders scattered around.  Nice game, guys.

      • Our friend Wile E Coyote came to visit yesterday!  

      Monday, November 4, 2013

      Fall Festival Weekend

      Last weekend, we went to Frank's hometown for Fall Festival.  Fall Festival is easily one of my favorite times of the year-- football games, colorful leaves, and parades-- it's magical.

      Frank took a half day off on Friday, and we made it there in time for a Bearcats football game.  The kids and I didn't last long, though, since Carter was cold and Jacob was anti-social that evening.  I snapped a quick picture of Gary, Frank, Jacob and Carter before we headed home.

      Saturday morning was the kiddie parade and costume judging.  If you know me, you know I'm not really competitive... but maybe I am when it comes to my kids.  I want them to WIN that darn thing!

      I felt like their costumes really represented their personalities.  Jacob was a phone and Carter was a frog prince/Prince Charming.

      Historically, Jacob has had tantrums of epic proportion during the parade and judging, but I'm happy to report that this year, he behaved well.  Unfortunately, Carter decided to carry on Jacob's tradition.  We marched down the main street with Carter yelling at the top of his lungs and throwing himself from side to side in my arms.  By the time we reached the judges' station,  he was even angrier, and I was sweating. We seriously debated leaving before judging.  The next half an hour spiraled downward, if possible, with the only redeeming point being Carter taking Second Place for his age/category.  After he placed, I was glad we toughed it out and stayed for judging.  To me, the kiddie parade and costume judging is a lot like the amnesia you have with childbirth.  It's such an ordeal, but every year we keep coming back, somehow only remembering the good parts.

      How could one little frog possibly make so much trouble?

      The big parade was that evening, and we had absolutely spectacular weather!  The highlight of the parade was watching for Anna, who received the Business of the Year Award.  As she will be retiring in the next year, it was a fitting way to be honored at her "last" parade. 

       (I starred over the last name for privacy.)

      There were fire trucks, marching bands, and some pretty cool floats.

      Oh, and CANDY!

      We love Fall Festival weekend and had a great time, naughty little frog notwithstanding.  :)