Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Beautiful Easter 2014

My Grandma C always said that if it rains on Easter, it will rain for the next seven Sundays.  I'm not sure if she was making it up or not, but whenever I keep track, it usually proves true.  And for some reason, it usually rains on Easter... but not this year!

Easter 2014 was one of the most beautiful Easter days I can remember.  Temps in the 70s, no wind, and plenty of sunshine.  We celebrated Easter with Frank's family a few weeks earlier, so we had my family over for Easter Sunday.

We are bad people and didn't go to church on Easter.  Honestly, we attend church regularly, like every week, but on Easter, attendance soars to approximately 10,000 people (you read that correctly), and it's such a hassle to navigate that kind of a crowd.  Plus, I needed to cook.

So we did Easter baskets quietly with the kids as they woke up.

Dinner was at noon, and I used my Grandma K's china, along with some beautiful pinkish-purple tulips as the centerpiece.

What?  Your sister-in-law didn't make a bunny-shaped veggie tray?  Mine did!  This little guy was the runaway hit of the dinner!  That's veggie dip in the middle..blame my poor photography if it's difficult to see.

We had the standard ham and sides.

After lunch, we had an Easter egg hunt

and we played outside

And we ate lots of candy.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What We're Up To

Long time no blog.  So what's been going on around here?

Some brotherly snuggling before nap time.

Train-track building with Uncle Brian and Caleb at Grandma Donna and Papa Mike's

Lots of microwaving... oh, wait... the microwave died.  

Saturday morning cartoon-watching in pajamas

Learning to climb and/or move the step stool to get where he wants to go

Charming his way out of new messes resulting from climbing

A birthday!

And enjoying the nice weather with lots of bike-riding

and mowing!