Thursday, March 27, 2014

Carter's First Haircut

Last Saturday we took Carter for his first professional haircut.  I've been snipping at his hair for a while now, but it was really time to let the pros handle it.

Frank made an appointment for both him and Carter at the same time.  If you look closely, two chairs back, you can see him.

Funny story:  since our children's hair place closed, I've just been taking Jacob to the same Cost Cutters that Frank uses.  The last time we were there, the stylist looked at the kids and asked if my husband also got his hair cut there.  After I said yes, she said, "I thought so.  Those boys look just like him."

Anyway, back to Carter.  I was expecting a big fuss and lots of swatting at the stylist because that's basically how Jacob's first haircut went.  I tried to set us up for success, though, and we brought his blanket, which he calls his "Bee."  We also gave him a sucker before the haircut.  Plus, he liked the little zoo animals cape they put on him!  (I look like I'm wearing a graduation gown, but whatever...)

He wasn't totally sure about it...

but some combination of the Bee + sucker + zoo animals cape worked and he was a docile little dude.

We saved a lock of his fuzzy little hair, just as we did with Jacob.  Another milestone for the books!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I don't usually do link-ups, but I had some time today and was feeling inspired by the beautiful spring weather.  Plus, we survived Carter's five-day stomach virus.  Cheers to Friday!


A few weeks ago, I was itching to see some green grass or flowers, so Jacob and I made a little terrarium.  I think he might be my gardener.  He likes watering the plant, and I think it gives him a sense of accomplishment to watch it grow.


As summer approaches, my thoughts turn once again to self-tanner.  Normally, I just use Jergen's Natural Glow, but recently I've heard good things about Tanwise.  It's only $9.49, so I might give it a try.    


As much as I love getting new clothes for myself, I love getting new clothes for the boys even more, and Easter outfits are my absolute favorite.  Jacob has been asking for a hat to wear for Easter, and even though we aren't going anywhere- and may not even go to church that day!- he can still dress the part.  

I bought him a hat and tie from Children's Place that he can wear with either a white shirt and jeans or a chambray shirt and khakis, all of which he already has.  

 I am playing the matchy-matchy game for as long as I can get away with it, so I picked up this newsboy cap for Carter.

Our store didn't have much selection for little boys, so I'll have to order Carter's tie.  I'm thinking I'll go with the bowtie version of Jacob's tie.  


Because we were finally able to get outside and play and because the sky was so blue, here are a few pretty pics of the boys:


As a reward for surviving this week, I'm grilling a Porterhouse steak for Frank tonight, and I baked a cake. TGIF!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Water Park Getaway

For the past few years, we've taken a mid-winter weekend trip to a waterpark.  This year, though, we were really hesitant to commit to booking a little getaway because Carter is at a bad age for water parks.  (And also because Carter is, well, Carter.)  However, when a great two-night deal came up through one of Frank's friends, we decided to pull the trigger, and our family stayed the first night while Frank and his college friends stayed the second night.

Last Saturday, we headed up to Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort and Lodge in Utica.  Our villa was huge!

We stayed in the room with the two double beds... and the deer head light fixture, yikes!

There was also a second bedroom, which was actually probably the master, with a jacuzzi.  We didn't even touch this room, since we wanted to keep one bedroom clean for Frank's friends the following night.  

After arriving, we headed down to the waterpark.  Now, the only issue I had here was that unlike where we stayed in previous years, which was a hotel with a connecting waterpark, we were in a freestanding villa, which meant we had to get completely dressed to go outside, get in the car, drive to the waterpark on the grounds, and get changed.  That doesn't really sound like a lot, but when you're wrangling swim diapers and kids with wet feet and winter coats it would have been a lot easier if it would have been in a connecting building.

Jacob loved the waterpark!

Carter did not.

He did warm up to it somewhat; and I was able to get a few shots of everyone playing.

For dinner, we went to a little pub in downtown Utica.  The town has quite a few wineries and boutique-type stores, but it is tiny.

The next morning, we drove around the area a bit and waited for Grizzly Jack's indoor amusement park to open.  They were doing renovations to the amusement park and several attractions weren't operational, but of course, the ones that were, Jacob had no interest in.

This is about as close as he got to the bounce house!

He did decide (after getting in an out of a long line twice) to do the trampoline bungee.

Once he got all hooked up, they discovered that he was too little for the bungees, so they unhooked him and just let him jump like a trampoline.

After this, it was time to say goodbye to daddy, who was staying at the villa to continue the weekend with his friends.  Honestly, Carter was a handful the whole weekend, and I was ready to get him home.  I'm hoping he grows into being a better traveler by the time we take our next vacation!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seen, Heard, Noted, and Quoted


I finally hung Jacob's new mirror!  (Translation:  My mom came, brought her drill, and helped me hang the mirror.  We cussed and we laughed until we couldn't breathe, but we pulled it off. Thanks, ma!)


Cartie has become such a parrot.  Last night, he was saying something that sounded like, "Cray-cray," and we were dying laughing.  We don't even say that, so I'm not sure what he was actually trying to say.  Also, a few weeks ago when he was sick, he would cough, and I would say, "Cartie, don't die!"  So now, whenever he coughs, he'll say, "Die!  Die!"

(I'm posting a picture of his little bitty face because I can't seem to get the video link to work.  You'll just have to imagine how cute it was.)

If you want to feel like a terrible housekeeper, dust the top of your window and door moldings.  That's what I did this morning, along with cleaning ceiling fans and registers.  Maybe I should do that a little more often.

Jacob:  When I get big, I'm going to be Jesus's helper.
Me:  That's good.  But you don't have to wait until you're big.  How can you be Jesus's helper now?
Jacob:  I could... wash his car... and go with him to the mall...
Me:  Um, I don't think it works that way.