Thursday, March 27, 2014

Carter's First Haircut

Last Saturday we took Carter for his first professional haircut.  I've been snipping at his hair for a while now, but it was really time to let the pros handle it.

Frank made an appointment for both him and Carter at the same time.  If you look closely, two chairs back, you can see him.

Funny story:  since our children's hair place closed, I've just been taking Jacob to the same Cost Cutters that Frank uses.  The last time we were there, the stylist looked at the kids and asked if my husband also got his hair cut there.  After I said yes, she said, "I thought so.  Those boys look just like him."

Anyway, back to Carter.  I was expecting a big fuss and lots of swatting at the stylist because that's basically how Jacob's first haircut went.  I tried to set us up for success, though, and we brought his blanket, which he calls his "Bee."  We also gave him a sucker before the haircut.  Plus, he liked the little zoo animals cape they put on him!  (I look like I'm wearing a graduation gown, but whatever...)

He wasn't totally sure about it...

but some combination of the Bee + sucker + zoo animals cape worked and he was a docile little dude.

We saved a lock of his fuzzy little hair, just as we did with Jacob.  Another milestone for the books!

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