Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teaching Again and a Few Pics of Mr. Destructo

Yesterday I got a call from the University, and they offered me a class for the March/April term!!  It was a late addition and the class started TODAY (yeah, yikes) but of course I said yes.  Because of the way their computer system works, the scheduler who contacted me said that I probably wouldn't be able to access the course until late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.  Needless to say, I've been a little nervous that I would be behind, since students have been able to access the course since last Sunday.  There is behind-the-scenes prep work that should have been completed by now, and I was worried that the students would already be upset that the instructor hadn't "arrived" in the class. 

I was also a little nervous to start the class routine again.  Granted, Jacob is two months older than the last time I taught, and two months is a big difference for someone his age, but I wondered how I was going to manage getting everything done again.  Last fall, I did a lot of grading during his morning naps, and now he's not taking a morning nap.  (Did I mention that?  I think he's really giving it up for good this time.)  I hate to be on the computer for more than a few minutes while he's awake because I feel like I should be playing with him... not that he would let me get any work done, anyway.  He hates when we're on the computer!! 

So after a fun evening out with my girls, arriving home a little later than I probably should :), I was up at 3 am wondering how I was going to rearrange my schedule to make this work.  I should add that Frank is very good about entertaining Jacob in the evenings/weekends if I'm working, but having our evenings/weekends free during Jan/Feb has completely spoiled us.  Once I logged into the course this morning, I saw that I have 5 students, and none of them had access to the course before today!  Immediately, I was relieved that a) they wouldn't be upset with me because I hadn't been in the course last week, and b) there are only 5 students!!  Imagine how much easier it will be to grade 5 papers as opposed to 30 papers as I had done for my last classes!  Maybe this won't be so difficult after all...

I will leave you with some pictures of Jacob trying to chip away at the fireplace with a fork. 

Don't you wonder what he's thinking???


  1. Hey Lori,
    Thanks for reading my blog and commenting! I'll have to add your blog to my daily reads.


  2. Hey Lori. I have enjoyed reading your blog. The pictures of Jacob are wonderful. Keep it up.