Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Randoms

* Frank was at the Chicago office for work yesterday and didn't get home until almost 8.  It made me very happy that even though he starts work early, he rarely has to work late, which is a rarity in law.  He does work weekends, but not nearly to the extent that he did when we first met. 

*  Why is gas $3.42?  Holy expensiveness.

*  We such a fun playdate with the neighbors this morning!  Their little girl is a month younger than Jacob, with adorable red hair.  It was so nice to "compare" notes on our kids' habits, and since this is her third little one, get some advice from a pro!

*  Jacob ate a cheese quesedilla the other day, along with some quartered grapes!  Progress, people!

*  I am having some serious confusion on spring fashion.  The flowy shirts make me look like one of those little Maltese dogs who have so much fur that they look like they're floating along the ground.  (Did that make sense?)  And seriously, I need a tank and a cardigan and a scarf?  Can't I just buy one piece?  It would be much easier. 

*  I'm trying to talk Frank into taking a weather-spotting class.  He's always been interested in weather, so I think he would enjoy learning the lingo, etc. 

*  This weekend, I'm having dinner with my college roommates!  Can't wait!  They are coming here, and I am so looking forward to catching up.  Between the three of us, we've had a lot of life-events in the last year or so, which will make for some interesting discussions.

*  My lipstick plant still hasn't bloomed.  It has new growth, so it's healthy.  Maybe they don't bloom until later in the season...

*  I can't believe we're supposed to get another winter storm tonight.  Boooo....  The only good news is that it's late February, and the snow can't stick around for long. 

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