Monday, February 21, 2011

To Nap or Not to Nap

A few weeks ago when I would put Jacob down for his morning nap, there was no actual nap involved.  He would sit in his crib and jabber or turn on his stuffed dolphin and listen to music.  After about 15 minutes, the jabbering would turn to yelling, so I would come and rescue him from the crib. 

He was almost 14 months old, so I thought he was just giving up his morning nap.  I bumped his afternoon nap up an hour, and it actually worked great, schedule-wise, if he didn't take the morning nap and sometimes--- sometimes--- it led to a longer afternoon nap.

For the last week, though, he has been a zombie by 11am.  He doesn't want to play; doesn't want to eat lunch; doesn't want to do anything except whine.  So today, I put him back down for a morning nap.

I feel a little bit like we're moving backwards.  I was ready for one decent-sized nap instead of two 30-45 minute naps, but it's not really my call.  He's been asleep for half an hour, so obviously, he needed a nap. 

Ha!  You will never figure me out!  I will keep you on your toes, mama!

Five years from now, or maybe even one year from now, I'll look back and wonder why it was even a big deal that he went back to taking a morning nap, but today is one of those days where it seems like we will be stuck in this particular stage forever.  I'm ready to have conversations with him; I'm ready to feed him a hamburger; I'm ready to watch him play baseball.  Logically, I know we get a step closer to those things every day and that I should wish away the time, but on this cold, rainy February morning, that's certainly how it feels.

Tooth update:  Still no bottom molars, but I expect they will appear any day!

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