Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard '11

Well, we got the blizzard they were forecasting. It brought 13 inches of snow, but the worst part was the wind- the wind was insane! We spent most of Tuesday preparing to be snowed in on Wednesday.

We bought flashlights, which turned out to be fascinating new toys.

We baked cupcakes. (Note to self: having a 1 year old help with cupcake-baking is less charming than it sounds.) Jacob thought the cupcake liners should be part of the batter, and I couldn't convince him otherwise.

We cleaned the house.

I'm especially proud of how he knows to clean in the corners! :)

We did all the laundry and made some beef and noodles and then just watched the snow.

Not sure if you can see them, but those better be the tracks of sweet, fluffly little bunnies because those are the ONLY kind of creature that I want in my yard!

I was just sure we were going to lose power, so I turned up the thermostat, thinking it would make the house nice and toasty before the electricity went out. The wind was so strong, though, that it was coming through the windows. At one point during the evening, the temp in the house was 66 degrees!

The best part of the blizzard was that Frank got a snow day- the first he has had in 11 years of working! The timing was great, because it allowed me to work on Wednesday like usual.

On Wednesday evening, we made snow ice cream... why have I never made this before? It was so easy and sooo good! Jacob loved it!

....Ok, off-topic, but we've been calling that the Kermit face.  See the resemblance? 


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