Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Gym and No Pants

On Mondays we have been going to Parent/Tot Open Gym at http://www.risingstarsacademy.com/ .  The open gyms are every day, but Mondays are the only day that really work for us in terms of nap schedule and work schedule.  There are usually about 30 kids, ranging e in age from 1-4 years old, and Jacob always seems like the youngest one there.  He loves open gym!

I love Mondays!

 Basically, the open gym is just a free-for-all where the kids can use the equipment and the parents supervise. The first time we went, I reeeally wished that Anna was with us, because I know nothing about gymnastics or tumbling!  Fortunately, it's easy to fool a one year old!  He runs around and climbs on the mats, plays with exercise balls and hula hoops, and has even been in the ball pit with the big kids.  They have two built-in trampolines, and he sits on those while the other kids jump so that he gets bounced.  The other kids are so nice to him, and watching them play fascinates him.  You can just tell he's thinking about what he can do when he's the big kid! 

One mom said yesterday she thought he grew since she had seen him last, so that was the highlight of my day!

You're wondering about the "no pants" part of this post title, aren't you?  I'm happy to report that he did have pants the whole time he was in the gym, so it has nothing to do with that.  Later in the afternoon, he spilled the cat's water on his pants and socks, so I put them in the dryer.  I kept him upstairs in the guest room while they were drying, because it's always really warm in there. 

He thought it was awesome to play without his pants.  Even more fun?  Turn on the spinning race track toy and sit in it!  He thought it was a great new game!

But the funniest part happened just a minute later...

I could not stop laughing!

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