Friday, February 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Lest anything think it's all fun and cupcakes around here, there is a bunch of stuff that goes on behind the scenes, as it does in every home, that I don't blog about.  And won't blog about.  Because honestly, who wants to read it? 

However, in case you need a good dose of "behind the scenes", I will list some of the "blech" things that have happened this week.

1.  I hope this isn't on the top of my list for the next 15 years, but my child is a lousy eater.  He would be fine if I let him eat ice cream and pasta for every meal, but I just can't do it.  (Stubborn Jacob, meet your Stubborn Mama)  He eats some sort of grain, fruit, veggie, and protein each day, but it is a tremendous struggle.  Mealtimes around here are not fun.  I worry that he will be malnourished and little;  I worry that he will have food issues when he grows up.  I spend so much time thinking about what he eats and how to get him to eat more, that this really should be its own blog post. 

2.  The fact that, with the exception of two pairs, all of my socks have holes.  Easily fixable, but I keep forgetting to pick up socks whenever I'm out. 

3.  On Monday night, Frank and I were watching TV after we put Jacob to bed.  We heard a weird, scratchy thump which I promptly blamed on the cat.  After hearing the noise again and finding the cat asleep, I calmly asked Frank to see if there was something in the basement.  It turns out, a mouse had fallen into the basement window well and was not happy about being trapped there.  Mice = My biggest fear.  Even though it was NOT in the house and logically I knew there was NO way it could get in, I proceeded to have a major meltdown and had nightmares about mice all night.  It died of cold during the night, and Frank thew it out in the morning.  It was Very Very Scary. 

Yikes.  I'm still freaked out.  Anybody want to go back to seeing pictures of Jacob now?  Thought so. 


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