Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Details

Now that you've had time to sufficiently recover from the minor heart attack I gave you yesterday, I'll answer some of the questions that I've received over the past few days...

What is the official due date:  The Official due date is September 8.  I will tell you here and now that this child won't come on September 8; it will likely be before.  Between the fact that my OB loves to induce and I like to plan, we are working on a late August timeline.

When did you find out:  The morning of New Year's Eve.  Good thing we didn't have big plans that night- no champagne cocktail for me!

How dd you tell Frank:  I took the test early in the morning, and propped it up on the bathroom vanity so he saw it when he woke up. You would have thought I could have come up with something more creative this time around! 

How are you feeling:  Fine.  I've been tired but not sick at all.

Doing this twice; are you crazy:  (This question was asked by more than one of my friends.)  Pleading temporary insanity. 

Do you think it's a boy or girl:  Because this pregnancy is almost identical to when I was pregnant with Jacob, I have to say Team Boy.  The Chinese Gender Calendar says boy, but it said girl with Jacob.  The rest of the old wives tales are all over the place. 

Will you find out whether it's a boy or girl:  Yes!  I am a planner, remember? 

Will you obsessively post pregnancy updates:  No, I promise.  I didn't post about it at all for 12 weeks!  I don't enjoy being pregnant, so I'm not very likely to chit-chat about the State of the Uterus.  That being said, I will give you some occasional gems.   We do have a couple of pictures of Baby 2, but he/she looks like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so I think I'll wait until we get some good shots before I start posting photos!

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