Friday, February 3, 2012

Continuing the Quest for Big Hair

After reading about Osis Dust It powder on several different blogs, I took a little trip to Ulta Beauty this afternoon.

I usually buy root boosters, rather than powder because powder just feels weird in my hair.  I thought I'd give it a go this time because it's not like I could hate my hair any more right now. 

Verdict:  I kinda like it!  It does feel a little powdery, but it definitely gave my hair some volume.  If it starts to look flat, I just shake my fingers in my hair and it's poofy again!  Poofy hair = love.  Maybe this is the way I can make it through this growing-out stage...

P.S.  I DID price extensions while I was there.  They all looked pretty fake, though.  I wish I could "test drive" extensions, so I could see if I could get them to look decent before actually committing to buying them. 

Those are my deep, world-changing thoughts for Friday.

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