Friday, February 24, 2012


When I was working in the corporate world, at the end of each meeting, we would analyze the meeting by using a Plus/Delta method.  (You know your organization loves red tape when you have to give an analysis of each meeting.)  Anyway, each person would state a Plus from the meeting, which was usually what he/she learned or found helpful, and then each person would give a Delta.  Delta is the Greek symbol for change, so the Delta would be something that he/she would change about the meeting; i.e. This meeting went too long. 

Which leads me in to my post.  Here is a Plus/Delta of our last few days:

Plus:   We finally had a Comcast tech come to check on the spotty internet service we've been having the last few weeks.  By the time he left, it worked great, and we didn't have to pay any additional charges.
Delta:  The problem with our service is our modem/router, which suddenly doesn't communicate with Comcast as it should.  It's a Comcast issue, and they're working on it.  In the meantime, we are left with a temporary modem without a wireless router. I know, I know, there are people starving in Africa, and I'm complaining about not being able to use the ipad.

Plus:  Jacob and I went to Peoria with some friends this week to an indoor play systems showroom.  Literally, it's an indoor park- so cool!

(I helped him rock climb.  I wouldn't let my two-year-old do this by himself, even though he wanted to, and it looks like it from the picture.)  We stayed for a few hours and even took a picnic lunch. 
Delta:  I left my grandma's ring there.  It has never come off my finger-- and trust me, my fingers are not getting smaller-- so I'm not sure how it happened.  We get to make a return trip to Peoria this weekend.

Plus:  I ordered Jacob's big-boy bedding!

This plaid bedspread

with this Discover pillow
Delta:  The bedspread is backordered until April.  I wanted to cry. 

Plus:  It's Friday!
Delta:  None!  It's Friday!

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