Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working Girls (and Guys)

This past weekend, Frank and I worked for his parents at the ICCA Cheerleading State Championships in Springfield.  Frank's dad is the videographer for the event, and we take orders for the DVDs.  It's a "job" we do every year, but this year is the first since I've been in the family that Frank and I have worked both Saturday and Sunday. 

Fortunately, my parents' spent the weekend at our house, since getting a babysitter for that many hours would have been out of the question.  (Odd fact:  Since I've been an adult- we'll say 15 or so years- my parents' have spent the night at my house exactly twice, and both of those times have been within the last month.)

When I was growing up, we didn't have competitive cheerleading.  Since the season went head-to-head with girls basketball, there was barely enough interest for a squad, so these competitions are a completely different world for me.  I never thought my husband would teach me about cheerleading!

Our table was set up in a great spot this year (in front of the smoothie stand!). 

We took a lot of orders, answered a lot of random questions (Where are they selling sweatshirts?  Where are the restrooms?), and had a lot of fun.

Until next year!

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