Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Normal Day

I wanted to document one of our typical days so that when I'm old and grey, I can look back and remember how we used to spend our time. 

Breakfast during the week is almost always Cream of Wheat.  I sometimes make eggs or pancakes for lunch, so I don't feel bad that his breakfast is kind of boring.

After Jacob's breakfast comes Mama's breakfast/computer time.  Our friend zones out on Thomas the Train during this time.  Parenting at it's finest. 

After some playtime, he gets a treat for using the big potty.  We're not in potty training, per se, but sometimes he wants to use the potty, and if he does, he gets a treat.  M&Ms are his favorite!

Around mid-morning, we meet some friends at the library for playtime and story time.  I managed to snap some pictures during playtime, but the twenty-minute toddler storytime was a downhill spiral for us.  You'd think he would be able to sit still for twenty minutes.  (Sigh)  He sat there, but it was only because I strong-armed him to his chair. 

Once we came home and had lunch, it was time for a nap.  Our naptime ritual is to read books and cuddle in the rocking chair in his room.  This picture doesn't do justice to the snuggly-ness of a warm, sleepy toddler under a warm blanket. 

The rest of the afternoon we spent playing with cars, trucks, and blocks. Oh, and playing the piano.  (You mean that's not how you sit on a piano bench?)

After dinner, Jacob and Daddy like to hang out upstairs in the playroom

and downstairs in the basement before heading back upstairs for bedtime. 

There you have it:  a normal day in Normal!

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