Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watseka Weekend

We spent this past weekend at my parents', something I think we have now done three times since Jacob has been born.  Saturday was my Grandma's 88th birthday. Eighty-eight sounds really old.  She does well to still have a driver's license and live in her own home, but this last year especially has been a difficult one, health-wise.  It's hard to watch my fiercely independent grandma- my last remaining grandparent- slowly become more and more dependent on my parents for daily things. 

I wanted to do something different for her birthday this year, so I told her that we would have dinner at my parents', she could choose the main course, and I would be the chef.  (I, of course, know full well that I could serve anything, and she would say it was delicious.. .she IS still my grandma, after all!)  She chose roast beef, which was easy enough.  So we had roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and rolls.  Mom made a cheesecake for dessert, which is one of her favorites.  Overall, it was a nice, quiet evening. 

On Sunday, my nephew Caleb was being dedicated.  Baby dedication is not like infant baptism, and isn't associated with the salvation of the child.  Some churches have dedications as more of a commitment for the parents, who are pledging to raise the child in the Christian faith.  Anyway, Caleb was a good little dude and didn't cry once while he was on stage!  It was also nice to see some of old friends at my parents' church. 

Family pic before church

After church we went back to Brian and Sarah's for lunch with Sarah's parents and sister.  As a side note, Frank and I talk all the time about foods that are "local" to a particular area, and we couldn't believe Sarah's parents who are from Northern Iowa, had never heard of Italian Beef!   Is that something that only Illinoisians eat?!  Who knew! 

Caleb is such a smiley guy, and he already hams it up for the camera.

Now this is the part of the day where I started to realize what having two little boys nine months apart is like... Jacob was a total clown and Caleb, for the first time, was really paying attention to him.

Notice BOTH of them have a remote in this picture!

They may look sweet and innocent now, but these two are going to be trouble in a few years!! 

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