Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Spring, I Miss You

Two days ago, I was outside in yoga capris, working in the yard.  I was debating the new color of my toenail polish and whether I wanted to get an umbrella for the table on the patio.  Today, I got groceries amidst snow flurries and just finished making soup for dinner.  What a difference two days makes!

The sage and grasses are ready to be cut back, and they had been driving me nuts. Our landscaping is relatively low-maintenance, except in the spring.  I've always heard the best way to prune ornamental grasses is to actually burn them down.  Last year, I was too chicken to try it (sleep deprived + fire = not a good idea), but this year, I'm going to pick a calm day-- and a clump of grass that's far from the house!- and try that technique.  It would save me from throwing the cuttings in the field, too, which is how I dispose of them.  Illegally.  :)

On Tuesday, though, I decided to tackle the sage and some of the smaller bushes. 



Gone!  (The tall fountain grass is still there, though.  That's on my burn list.)

It was so nice to be outside and get some work done!  Someone else enjoyed it, too; although he is also the reason it took almost the whole afternoon.  It's amazing, the ways he find to get himself in trouble.

There are still many, many more plants that need some attention, and I would really, really like to get back outside. 

Dear spring, I miss you.  Please come back. 


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