Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family Weekend

Last weekend, we spent a long weekend at Frank's parents'.  We left on Saturday and stopped in Sandoval to watch my niece Jenna's cheerleading competition.  For all you "Northerners," competitive cheerleading at the grade school level is a big deal here, but even knowing that, I wasn't prepared for how many people were at this competition!  The girls' routine was so much fun to watch, and my little niece did great!  Girl had her moves down, and totally worked her audience.  The only bad thing was that I forgot my camera!

From there, we went to Frank's parents' house, and then to Italian Village  in Carbondale for dinner.  Yum!

Rachael, Jenna, Brett and Garret 

Gary and Anna
The next morning, Jacob and Grandma were doing a practice Easter egg hunt.  I never would have thought he would understand/cooperate with putting eggs in a basket, but he loved it! 

He's ready for a real Easter Egg Hunt now, don't you think?! 

We spent a few hours shopping (birthday presents, yay!), and then hit the park in Herrin on our way home. 

It was 80 and sunny, and best of all, NOT WINDY for once.  It was so nice to finally thaw out after this long winter! 

After the park, we went to Grandma Vivian's house where we sat outside and visited.  Well, Jacob threw rocks, but the adults visited.  :) 

I'm not throwing the rocks, mom; I'm moving them on to the patio for you!

After pizza and baths, Brett and Jenna came over to play with Jacob!  I wasn't sure how he was going to do because he was reeeally sleepy, but he woke up in a hurry when he saw his cousins!  It is so funny to watch him watch them.  You can tell he's trying so hard to be a big kid, too!

While Jacob and Brett played ball, Jenna worked on backflips with mom and Grandma. 

It was great for the kids to be able to all play together!

The next day, we visited Great-Grandma Marion and Great-Grandpa Red's house, and again, I forgot my camera.  They gave Jacob his Easter basket which had a sweet ceramic bunny and lots of goodies which, between Frank and I,  may or may not have all survived the drive home! :) 

Even though it was a three-day weekend, it always feels like the time is too short.  We always comment that there is just never enough time to see everyone and spend time with everyone, but we always look forward to our next visit!

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