Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erasing Yesterday

Yesterday was quite a day, and not in a good way.  I found out early in the morning that they filled my position at the managed care company.  Before you start to say, "Lori, you quit last summer, dude," let me just say that yes, I know I quit.  And no, I didn't expect them to let me keep this two-day-a-week arrangement forever, but knowing it was going to happen makes it only slightly easier.  I've said before that managed care is my gig;  between school and work, I've spent 14 years learning how to be really good at it.  "Voluntary resignation" makes me feel like I'm just brushing away all of the nights I've traded fun for studying, all of the times I've gotten yelled at by some angry provider, all of the mistakes I've made and learned what not to do next time... all of the really hard-fought negotiations that I helped bring to a positive resolution.  It's voluntary, but it's still hard. 

I don't mean to sound whiny.  I want to be here with Jacob, but I also want my job.  At the same time.  Which can't happen.  Never in a million years would I have thought this would leave me so torn.  I made the right decision, but it's going to take me a while to make my peace with it.

Moving on from there, we had another first yesterday:  Jacob pooped in the bathtub!  (sorry if you just gagged a little)  Then, by the time I had that cleaned up, the cat threw up on the floor.  It was  an awesome end to an awesome day. 

So today I wanted to do some fun things to erase the yuck of yesterday.  We decided to take advantage of the 68 degree weather to meet Frank at the park for lunch.  I cooked a frozen cheese pizza and carted it over to the park in one of those hot/cold casserole carriers.  What a dork I am. 

Jacob is into cheese pizza, though.

Then, I packed a candy bar for Frank with a cute little St. Patrick's Day wrapper that I printed from I Share Printables.Com  Such a cool site!  I am anti-crafty, but I've used this site a few times now. 

Cute, cute!  And my treat was getting to break out the sandals!  I found them at Target, and they could be gold or silver, depending on how you look at them. 

At the park, we hit up Jacob's fave from last summer- the swings!

He didn't want to stay in the swing as long as he did last summer, but he did- grudgingly- agree to swing with momma for a while.  (Remember how he thinks he's an adult?  Yeah, he's not big on any type of supervision/restraint because it's just too babyish.)

We learned that he loves the slide now!

I think he would have gone down the slide all afternoon!  He was very interested in the display tractor, too (or maybe the mulch under the tractor?) which would have made a couple of his great-grandpas proud.

And of course, he checked out everything else in the park, top to bottom:

Even with the 30 mph winds, it was a nice time, and a good way to forget about yesterday. 

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