Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Today I thought I'd give you all some happy thoughts. 

Happy Thought #1:  Jacob loves cookies.  Any kind of cookie, any place, any time.  Sometimes he even eats part of a muffin or a cracker if you just tell him it's a cookie!  I don't normally give him cookies for a snack, but he had a vanilla sandwich cookie for this morning's snack, and he was in heaven!

Happy Thought #2:  Frank removed the bird's nest from the wreath on our front door.  I kept thinking about how freaked out I would be if I opened the door and a bird flew in the house.  Birds = yuck.  Now I don't have to worry. 

Happy Thought #3:  My lipstick plant is blooming!  The blooms look like tubes of lipstick, and gradually, they have turned pink.  Today, I noticed two of the blooms beginning to open, and there is even brighter pink inside.

Happy thought #4:  Baseball opening day  Even though this means that fantasy baseball is in full swing (get it?  swing? :) at my house, it also means spring/summer and warm weather!

Happy Thought #4:  Jacob's Easter outfit arrived this week, courtesy of Grandma Anna!  In case you were wondering, we went with this one:

He had the khakis and sandals, already, and it's definitely something he can wear again. 

Happy Thought #5:   I am teaching two sections of my class for the May/June term.  (It's a happy thought from a financial perspective, at least.)  I've never taught two concurrent sections, and I'm curious if it will be difficult to manage.  Our schedule changes in May, anyway, since I'll no longer be at the other company, so it will be a good time to give it a shot. 

Is anyone else as ready for the weekend as I am?

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