Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Weekend By The Numbers

600- Number of dollars it would cost to purchase a wooden play structure from Toys R Us.   Maybe there is somewhere cheaper to buy them.  This was the first place I priced.  Yeah, not happening this year at any rate.

136- Approximate number of times we said, "I can't believe this weather!  It's March!  It should be warm!"

99- Number of times (at least) I caught Jacob taking stuff out of the kitchen cabinets yesterday.

10- Number of days it took me to return the egress window well covers.  We have have two weird-sized egress windows, and no matter how I tried to "doctor" the covers, they weren't going to fit. 

7- Number of slices of eggplant that I forgot in the oven!  I made eggplant parm for lunch and you have to bread and cook the eggplant before you even put the casserole together.  (Why yes, it does take forever-- probably why I only make it once a year.)  It turned out fine, and the forgotten eggplant is in the fridge.  I'll eat it cold.  No prob.

4- As is 4:00, which is the time Frank is going into work today for a "Suit Signing Party."  They are trying to beat the Chicago office in their goals this month.  He's buying pizza for the others, but I'm still not sure it qualifies as a party if you're at work.  :)

3-  Number of students who turned in their papers early.  They're due today, but I love early submissions because get them graded over the weekend.  Guess I'll be doing a lot of grading tomorrow.

2- Number of pictures I got at yesterday's Town Hall meeting in Normal where we heard my cousin and Sen. Mark Kirk speak.  Frank and I rotated in and out of the room with Jacob, but the parts I heard were much more interesting than I expected.  The pictures, however, were pretty lousy.  (Adam is behind the podium, on the right side of the picture.)

1.5- Number of hours Jacob napped today!!!

1- Number of times I have been to Home Depot in the 3 years I've lived in B-N, and that was today looking, of course, for egress window well covers. 

Hope you had a great weekend!

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