Friday, March 18, 2011

Chickens First

We've been working on animals sounds lately.  I was sure that the cat's meow would be one of the first sounds he would imitate; I actually thought meow might be one of his first words.  How surprising when we were reading an animal book last week and he told me what sound a chicken makes!  The way he says it, it sounds like "Baw, baw, baw."  He gets this proud little look on his face when he says it, too, like he knows he just answered the question correctly.  

Since then, we've learned that he also knows how a horse sounds and how a bee sounds.  It's adorable, but random.  Jacob is nothing if not his own man... who says those things first?!  Only my kid!

The topic of animal sounds got me thinking about how many pictures I've taken of Jacob and Shadow in the last month or two, so I put together a little collage using Picnik about the boy and his cat.

He's with her all the time.  He should be "Meow"ing up a storm by now!  Well, given his logic, if I want him to start saying, "Meow," the only thing left to do is buy a chicken!


  1. Okay so how did you get your cat to be so friendly with Jacob? Elizabeth isn't un-friendly to Addison...she just ignores her. I want them to have a good relationship as Addison grows up. What's your trick?

  2. Well, they're not exactly friends. Jacob would LOVE to be Shadow's friend, but Shadow basically just tolerates him. She ignored him, too, when he was Addison's age, but now ignoring him isn't a possiblity! We just keep telling him to pet her softly and not pull her tail... I'm hoping their relationship gets better and better as he gets older.