Friday, March 4, 2011

He's a Cheap Date

I have always heard that you don't need to buy expensive toys for kids, that they often prefer playing with empty boxes, pots and pans, and other random household items.  Can I just say how TRUE this is at our house?  We joke that for Christmas, we're going to get him some extension cords, a hairbrush, and some Tupperware. 

He does play with toys, but in his mind, I don't think he thinks he's a toddler... I think he thinks he's one of us, so he wants whatever we have.  Case in point:  he's been very into flossing lately. 

I guess it's important now that he has a new bottom molar.  Plus, it gives him minty-fresh breath.

Another fun new activity has been to put uncooked pasta in an empty milk jug and make lots of noise. 

When he first saw the milk jug, he thought it was for drinking (You know how the boy loves his milk!), but then he figured out he could make noise with it instead. 

He walked around the house swinging the milk jug, and that entertained him for almost 20 minutes, which is a looong time for him! 

This age is fun because everything can be used for entertainment purposes.  A stick, a piece of aluminum foil, a paper towel roll-- everything is a toy! 

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