Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grass, Groundskeeping, and Guest Blogging

Ok, that title sucked, but I am new at this so bear with me.

I love my wife, but for the life of me I cannot get her to give me hints on what she wants for her birthday, Christmas, etc. However, I did get her to reveal that she would like me to appear as a guest on her blog-so here we are!

This week was a busy one at the J household. Not only did we celebrate our three year anniversary, but we are celebrating Lori's birthday this weekend as well. As an added bonus, the warm temperatures have ushered in another festive occasion-the beginning of lawn and landscaping season. After a long, cold, snowy winter, I was chomping at the bit to get outside and work on my yard. I mowed the front of our lawn on Friday night. (Jacob watched)

The next day was more of the same, only Lori joined in the fun as well. I believe she spent about six hours cutting back the grasses and sage in our beds. (Jacob helped)

This, of course, created a huge mess on my lawn, which gave me the perfect excuse to mow the rest of it and rid my grass of all of the foreign contaminants. Six hours (and two sunburned people) later, we have a pretty good start to the season. (well, better than my St. Louis Cardinals have started the baseball season).   And so begins another cycle of our love/hate relationship with our landscaping and lawn.

The project is not over though. We are going to bring some people out from Niepagen's Greenhouse
 to take a look at our current landscaping and give us some "vision." 

Today we are heading down to meet my parents in Tuscola and eat at the Iron Horse Grill. Grandma and Grandpa want to take Jacob to a park afterwards, but I'm aftaid he might blow away in this wind!

I need to run, but I want to wish the lovely hostess blogger a happy anniversary and birthday! I love you, Lori.


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