Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cute Goodbye Ritual and a Gorgeous Comforter

It used to be that when I would leave the house, Jacob would howl and cling... now, he couldn't care less when I leave, but has an absolute fit every time Frank leaves.  There is also a lot of talk about Daddy's "gawk," which is Jacob-speak for "car."  We give him a totally animated explanation of how Daddy drives the car to work, and then at work, he types and thinks and makes us money, and then he drives the car home to see Momma and Jacob.  Every time Frank gets near the door, Jacob says, "Gawk," and pretends to drive his car.  It's pretty cute, actually, and the whole process has become somewhat of a ritual in the last week. 

Remember how I'm looking for an entertainment center?  Yeah, I'm still looking for an entertainment center.  No clue what I want to do with that room.  But look what I did find that I don't need:


Wouldn't that look great in our bedroom?  I am seriously in love with that pattern.  I was browsing through some sites and came across this home tour, and she has this same bedding.  Her house is BEAUTIFUL, but her home tour doesn't show a picture of her TV (of course), so I'm still on the hunt for some inspiration.  Being this indecisive is a difficult job!

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  1. Wow this woman must have soem time and money. I absolutely love the church pew....If I ever find one of those out and about I am willing to pay top dollar for a nice one.