Saturday, April 30, 2011

The First Haircut

At almost 17 months old, we decided it was time for Jacob's first haircut.  The boy has been so slow to get hair and he still doesn't have a lot of hair, but some of his hair was getting kind of unruly. 


For his first haircut, I wanted to go to Cookie Cutters and make a big fuss, but Cookie Cutters in Normal closed last month and there is nowhere else that caters to children.  So Great Clips it was! 

Let's just say that Jacob was a little apprehensive.  He refused to wear a cape, and also refused to sit.  I knew he wouldn't sit by himself, but I thought he would be fine on my lap.  Instead, he stood, facing me, and swatted at the stylist.

Look how concerned he is!  Maybe this brought back memories of the pediatrician's office! 

                                                   Group shot!

Fortunately, he was quiet the whole time; he just wouldn't stay still.  I kept telling him how handsome he would look when she was finished, and that did kind of make him smile.

The whole process took all of three minutes (even though it felt MUCH longer!), and now he has a cute new 'do.  Who knows, it may be another 17 months before he needs another haircut!

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