Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Now, You're An All-Star

On Saturday we went to Arthur to watch my niece Jenna compete in a cheerleading competition.  The little girls from my mother-in-law's gym got 1st place.  Even though their was no competition in the little girls' division, they still had a great score, and the girls in Jenna's division got second out of five groups. 

I took a few pictures during their warm ups... Jenna is on the far left, getting ready to step into the other girls' hands. 

Getting a few last-minute instructions from their coach (my mother-in-law, Jenna's Grandma, below)

A few more pictures from warm-ups...

She always "brings it" with her expressions

Look at that girl in the middle!!

Look at that enthusiastic crowd!

We had a good time watching the girls perform (despite Jacob's expression!), and we couldn't be prouder of our one and only niece!

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