Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Escape Artist

All of a sudden, over the course of the last few weeks, Jacob has been saying new words, doing new things, and seeming more and more grown-up. 

One of his new talents is escaping from his crib.  He wasn't a good napper last week, and he howled at being put down, which is uncharacteristic of him.  One afternoon, I was downstairs, trying to tune out all the noise upstairs when it finally got a little quieter... and I realized he was standing RIGHT BESIDE ME! 

By the third time (third!) he slipped out, he wised up and didn't make a peep, but I could hear his little feet running around the room.  When I came upstairs, I saw this:

His wipes were all over the floor, along with his pants. 

I kinda had to laugh. 

Then, this morning when Frank went in to get him from his crib, he had already gotten out, stood on his trash can to turn on the light, and was playing happily in his room. 

He can easily slip out of the crib now, which I think is pretty cool and terrifying at the same time.  His new behaviors remind me constantly that the rules of the game are changing, and he is becoming his own little person. 

Bring on the big-kid bed!

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