Friday, November 25, 2011

Scenes From a Thanksgiving

These really aren't the best pictures, but I was too busy with living life to take many/good pictures.  We had 6 houseguests from Wednesday until Friday and had an absolute blast having all 9 of us under the same roof. 

The night before Thanksgiving, Jenna and Grandma Anna chopping celery for dressing.


One of our tables...

 Playing a game...

Anna and my Grandma Carol

Hostess with the mostess, baby!  Why yes, my apron does say, "Domestic Diva".  Thanks Courtney!

My mom with Jacob, Jenna, and Brett. 

We also had Jacob's birthday with his grandparents.  He had Lightning McQueen plates and favors!

Mmm... birthday cake!

Grandma and Grandpa J got him a Lightning McQueen car!

Uncle Garret, Aunt Rachael, Jenna and Brett got him a truck that makes lots of fun sounds!

Morning after Thanksgiving... all the grandkids (and Jacob's dolphin) in pj's, watching a video on Grandpa's iPad.

Jacob and Brett.  I overheard my dad tell Jacob, "You follow this guy around, and you'll grow up just fine." 

I was especially thankful this year for my fantastic niece and nephew whose manners and sense of humor really shined.  They were incredibly polite, kept Jacob entertained, and rolled with the punches.  It's not always easy to sleep on the floor in a different house and have an entirely different routine for a few days, but they handled it without any problems.  

I often remember that hot August day when I first met those two little people who stole my heart immediately and think how incredibly grateful I am to watch them grow.  That thought kept running through my mind again and again this Thanksgiving. 
So blessed.

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