Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

During the last weekend of October, Frank's hometown always has a Fall Festival.  One of the activities is a Kiddie Parade and Costume Judging on Saturday morning.

Jacob must have missed the memo that this was a fun activity, though, (he missed it last year, too) because once we began lining up for the parade, he had a major meltdown. 

Here's a picture taken before things started going downhill

We paraded a couple of blocks down the street to where the costume judging was being held.  Mr. Sock Monkey refused to walk by himself, burying his head on my shoulder the whole time.

He was making such a scene that we very seriously considered leaving before his category even began.  There were some fantastic costumes, like a little boy who was dressed as the conductor for Thomas the Train, who was riding an actual train that blew actual smoke!  Honestly, I was pretty sure Jacob wouldn't even place, and his chances of charming the judges in his current state were less than zero. 

This is a picture that my father-in-law took during judging.  (Notice he's still buried on my shoulder.)

Amazingly, though, he won second place in his category and received some candy and a DQ Kids Meal, which he ate that evening.  So I'm glad we stayed but wow... have you ever been in a public place with lots of other little kids and YOUR kid is the only one freaking out? 

After naps for both Jacob and momma, we spent a low-key afternoon playing and hanging out.  Frank and I went on a bike ride while Jacob and Grandpa drove the car.

In the evening, the real parade began.  Grandma and her students always walk in the parade, so I was accompanied downtown by these guys :)

I'm always impressed by the parade.  Marching bands and candy-throwing- how can that not be a good time?!  People spend a lot of time and effort on their entries, too, like my niece and nephew's church float. 

                                               (Jenna and Brett are somewhere on there.)

Fortunately, I also had lots of hands helping me corral my son. 

Grandma got him to sit still and watch the parade

Fall Festival leaves us with great memories each year.

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