Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bubble Boy

Between Jacob's illness and the windy/cold/rainy weather, we haven't done much the last several days, and both of us are feeling the effects of cabin fever.

This morning, I thought we would mall-walk, but I decided against taking him out in the 300 mph winds (our neighbor's fence blew over this morning!).  So, we did the next best thing--- blew bubbles in the sink, of course!

I don't know why I think these activities are a good idea.  I am way too neurotic to handle soapy bubbles all over my kitchen. 

Can you tell his pants started to get wet by this point?  I put a dishtowel over him...

But then I added to the trouble by blowing bubbles at him. 

What a good example I am.

As he fished in the sink for more bubbles

the mess got out of control!!

He was a happy, wet, little dude, and I had to completely change his clothes and wipe down the kitchen after this brilliant idea.

Only 7 more hours until daddy's home........

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