Friday, November 11, 2011

Pinable Me: Dream Kitchens

So... want to see my dream kitchens?

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Source: via Lori on Pinterest

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

Things I've learned: 
  • I like white cabinets
  • I like dark floors
  • I like interesting/glamorous lighting
  • I need rugs in my kitchen
  • I like stainless appliances (this actually surprises me)
  • I like white/light subway tile backsplashes
  • I like very clean lines in a kitchen; almost sparse in decor.
Thanks to Mr. FJ, my current kitchen is quite similar to my dream kitchens (bless his heart). But a girl needs to have goals.

And I have two goals in mind for the immediate (probably 2-3 year) future: 
  • Adding a backsplash to the kitchen.  Not sure why the previous owners never did this, but they didn't.  We will.
  • Changing the countertops.  Currently, they are a grey-blue.  I actually like the color, but I know not everyone would.  I would like to change to something more neutral; maybe a grey, brown, black.  I'm not neurotic about granite like some people on HGTV.  Quartz, soapstone, and concrete are all materials we like and would consider.   We'll definitely talk to our dads and Grandpa Red before making the decision, though, since they have built/remodeled other houses, and we trust their opinions.
After I change the countertops, I'll be able to change the curtains, and that will be a HUGE change.  Again, this probably won't be until I go back to work full time, but I think it's important to have a plan. 

I'm open to entertaining any thoughts/comments/sugguestion, especially at this point...

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  1. Any improvement in this old home of mine is huge. I love the color of the formica countertops. Taking a cue from that long scratch on the original ones, I’m extremely careful not to do anything to damage them, but they're pretty durable.