Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parks, Parks, and More Parks

We've been to the park every day this week, enjoying what will probably be the last of the really warm days. 

On Monday, we went to Savannah Park with some friends.  At one point, we had 5 moms with 5 little boys under 5!  This park is a hit because it has real little cars that you can drive.  One little boy who is 3 kept yelling, "Hey my friend Jake, can I come drive your car with you?"  My son's response?  Vigorous shaking of his head.  Finally, we put both boys in the same car, and while Jacob tolerated it, he kept his hands on the steering wheel the entire time.  I guess the sharing will come, little by little.

Yesterday we went to Comlara Park, which is on Lake Bloomington.  Joining us was a little boy who is 12 days older than Jacob and will be in his elementary school class.  I'm pretty excited to finally know someone that will be in his class!  It was kind of interesting to watch the two of them play and realize they will be in each other's lives (whether they become friends or just classmates) for at least the next 10 years, assuming neither family moves. 

The trees were spectacular at Comlara!  I'm swiping the other mom's photos to show you!

And oh, this is monumental, too:  Jacob drinking apple juice!  He's never been a fan, but yesterday he was all about the juice box.   (Also the other mom's photo.  Hmm.. maybe I should get her to be the photographer for my blog.  Her pics are better than mine.)

Today we met Frank for lunch at Shepard Park. This is Normal's newest park, and it's being dedicated on Saturday, although it opened to the public a few weeks ago.  It has a fenced-in toddler area, which is nice, and a steering wheel on the play structure which is a necessity for Jacob.  Best of all, it must have worn him out because he's been napping ever since we came home!

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