Monday, October 3, 2011

Makes Me Laugh

Since I lived by myself for most of my 20's, I often thought it was funny that I spent so much time cleaning.  Being the OCD person that I was/am, I would still go about my weekly routine even things never really got dirty.  Nothing was ever out of place, either.  If I set something down, I always knew where to look to find it.

Happily, those days are over and have been replaced by a new regime in which I hunt for something almost every time I leave the house.  Jacob is one of those kids who gathers random bits of this and that with the intensity of a squirrel gathering nuts.  Then he plays with his new finds, sometimes leaving them in places that make us laugh. 

You just never know what you're going to find. For example,

every time the window was open last week, this guy had to be in the windowsill.  I would take him out, and Jacob would put him right back in.  Like he had a job to do there, or something.

There are often surprises in my microwave as well. 

Or how about his new fascination with taking his chicken on a ride? 

(This one screams, "Grandma Donna was here."  That had to have been who tied the chicken to the firetruck because I didn't do it.) 

Another case in point:
He happily drove them around the toilet bowl lid one morning last week. 

I didn't stage any of these pictures, and although this last one isn't stuffed-animal-in-a-microwave-kind-of-weird, it did make me laugh as I walked past. 

I wonder who was there first:  the stuffed grey kitty or the real grey kitty?

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