Friday, October 7, 2011

Bullet Point Friday

  • My closet shelf is fixed!  Turns out, it wasn't anchored to studs, so it pulled out of the wall.  Easy fix.  While the handyman was here, I had him look at the French doors, since we haven't been able to open them for months.  This, he tells me, isn't quite such an easy fix.  This will involve pulling off siding from the outside to see if there is water damage and blah, blah, blah, something about penny nails. Cause it would just be weird if we had a month where repairs on something in this house cost under $100. 

  • I've gotten two rejections from schools this week!  Two!  One of them I'd forgotten I'd even applied to, but the other was the one where I was fairly sure I would be hired.  I talked to a lady whose husband teaches at the second school, and she said since I've been in their application process for so long (since July), they probably filled the position months ago but just let my app continue the process.  She made me feel like it wasn't personal, but I am still pretty bummed. I guess the bright side is that if this school ever has any other jobs, I'll already be credentialed.

  • In better news, Frank participated in the McLean County Executive Lock Up for MDA on Tuesday and was one of their top fundraisers!  Ever notice how he doesn't just do stuff; he works until he excels at it?  I like that in a person, especially when it's my person.

Jailbird Photo:
  • They harvested the beans behind our house yesterday.  Jacob and I went out to watch them, but he was unimpressed and I was allergic.

So I watched them for a little while from inside the house.

  • I might have mentioned my obsession with this hairstyle---

Sooo... I got my hair cut this week. 

Sorry for the grainy pic.  I hadn't had any coffee yet; apparently the camera hadn't, either.

I really like it!  Of course, mine isn't as piece-y as hers, even though I've watched her tutorials a stalker-ish number of times, but I'm super-happy with the cut.

  • This evening, we're having some friends over for dinner who are dating again after being split up for over a year.  She moved away after they split but -amazingly- moved back to town last month and they began dating again.  My fingers are crossed that this is it for them... :)

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