Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shareholders' Meeting

Last Saturday, my extended family got together for a little lunch party.  We call them "Shareholders' Meetings, " because mom and her brothers are shareholders in a land trust... we kids aren't shareholders but we got invited anyway... and saying, "Shareholders' Meeting" sounds way cooler than, "lunch party."  I hadn't seen most of my cousins since last summer, so it was especially nice to catch up. 

The lunch was organized by my Aunt Susie and held at their chuch, which was gave us plenty of room and even a little playground area for the kids.  The decorations were bright and springy!

(Should have gotten a picture before people started eating the cupcakes!)

After we ate, we sat around talking and playing...

 Aunt Susie, Jess, Wil, Kara, and Aunt Susie's mom "Grandma Meister"

 Rob, Wil, Dad, and Frank

 Nate and Rob

Uncle Ron, Uncle Randy and Frank, discussing Frank's encounter
with a judge who knew Uncle Randy, and yes, the story WAS
that hilarious!

Angie and Heather.  Heather NEVER wants her picture taken- this is like getting
a photo of the Easter Bunny, it's that rare.  I was hiding behind a plant at the time.

The party slowly began to move outside.  Guess who led the charge? 
That would be my kid with no shoes.
Colton, 13 months

Colt and McKenna racing down the slide

Shaelah and Sofia

It's possible that after finding out about Dad's door-to-door campaigning skills,
Adam is hiring him as a full-time staffer in this picture. ;)

The Shareholders- discussing business!

Such a fun afternoon!

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