Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Randoms

  • The wind did indeed rip shingles off the roof over the garage again.  Only a few are gone this time, but since it was just last spring that the roofing guys were out to work on the same area of the house, I'm not really thrilled.  The wind was really strong, though-- some neighbors on another street lost siding on almost an entire side of their 2 story house.  That has to be more expensive than our issue.

  • Jacob's words are cracking us up.  The other day he told my mom, "Gimmie kiss, Donna!"  Everything he says is really emphatic; I always picture exclamation marks after his sentences.  This week he's also said, "Wind blow my hair off!" and "Go downstairs!  Watch Clifford the red big dog!" and the funniest:  we were driving in the car and I swear he said, "I feel sick!  I need tea!"  He wasn't sick, I don't think, but I did get him some tea!

  • My classes are keeping me fairly busy.  I told Frank a few days ago, that it isn't the academics that stress me, it's dealing with individual problems and situations from 62 people.  (All the teachers reading this just went, "Duh, Lori.") 

  • I was invited to a launch party in a few weeks for a new business here in town specializing in little  boy's accessories.  It's run by a friend and fellow boy mom, so I'm pretty excited to see her collection.  Her website is if you want to check it out!

  • Have you ever tried these:
Strawberry Traditional Greek Yogurt

We are big into Greek yogurt right now.  A cup has almost as much protein as a chicken breast.
  •  The high temp is supposed to be 56 tomorrow and in the 60s next week!  Maybe spring really has sprung!

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