Thursday, March 15, 2012

Enjoying the Warm Weather

It's been so nice outside that I haven't felt like sitting at the computer to blog!  Even though Jacob has had a little respiratory bug this week, we've been able to be outside a lot. 

Here's a quick picture recap of the week...

Lawn care season has started!  (note the somewhat scarcastic enthusiasm).  You can see Frank putting down fertilizer, and Jacob reeeally wanted to help. 

Trying every means possible to get outside.

In his cool-dude clothes for the Dressed to Thrill launch party on Wednesday morning.  You can't really see his canvas slip-on shoes, but they totally made the outfit.

Squeezing himself into the basket of the stroller, thinking he's being funny

and lots of tricycle-playing, even though he can't quite reach the pedals yet!

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