Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun-Filled Family Weekend

Last Friday afternoon we drove down to my in-laws' for the weekend.  That evening, we were headed uptown for a little party when Jacob noticed the fire station.  Those nice firefighters saw my kid pressed against the window like a little bug, so they invited us in, and even turned on the lights on the trucks!

For as brave as Jacob was beforehand, he got a little overwhelmed when they asked if he wanted to drive.  Did someone say, "Drive?" Jacob's favorite activity in the whole, wide world?  He just couldn't bring himself to do it, even if I sat with him.

On Saturday, we did a little shopping

(He literally crawled through Toys R Us pushing a car.  Good mom that I am, I just took a picture.)

We also visited Harrisburg, which was hit by a tornado a few weeks ago.  I think they have done an amazing job with cleanup, but there was still a lot of debris. 

What's totally odd is the randomness of the tornado.  I've always heard that but never seen it firsthand.  Some buildings were destroyed but maybe the building across the street only lost a few shingles.  Case in point:  the WalMart not 50 yards from this building was untouched.

On Sunday, we went to eat at Giant City Lodge.  It has such a neat atmosphere. 

See?  A buffalo!

And an eagle!

On the way home, we stopped to let the kids play at a place my niece and nephew call Castle Park, which is actually a cool little medieval climbing park built by an entrepreneur in memory of his son. 

It has all kinds of bridges and gargoyles and... medieval stuff... :)

It was here that we captured my favorite pictures of the whole weekend.

(The last one still makes me a little teary, hormonal pregnant lady that I am!  How lucky my kiddo is to have such great cousins!) 

We concluded our weekend by celebrating Brett's birthday a few weeks early and having an early Easter egg hunt.

We probably should have practiced hunting eggs, because Jacob didn't really catch on to it until about halfway through! Once he figured it out, he was all about it, though!

It was a fun-filled family weekend!

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