Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things You Probably Aren't Concerned About

I know.  I've been a bad blogger recently, and I will blame it on the fact that one of my classes this term took up way more time than necessary.  Also, things are pretty boring around here.  We have a nice little routine, and the things on my mind haven't really been blog-worthy. 

Then I thought maybe if I write about all of my boring thoughts in one post, they will, collectively, make an interesting post.  Ready?

1.  We are fighting ants in our kitchen.  Specifically, they are around the high chair.  I've cleaned and sprayed ant-killer, and it has definitely helped, but I am still seeing the occasional ant and it is DRIVING ME NUTS!

2.  I want a new hairstyle but can't decide on a new look.  Any thoughts are welcome.

3.  In less than a week, I will be driving to Gulf Shores, AL, with an 18 month old.  Nervous.

4.  I have a new cat-nephew.  Brian and Sarah adopted a little stray who now makes his home in their garage.  Here he is in all of his pouncy-glory: 

5.  I probably should have posted this next picture before the cat, but here is the latest picture of my little nephew Caleb.  He wasn't too sure about having a camera in his face while he was swinging.

6.  We had a bird fly into our window well yesterday, and it was either dazed or injured because it wouldn't fly out.  Frank scooped it out; the bird chased him, but it still didn't fly. We weren't sure what to do with it and thought animal control probably wouldn't care much about a robin.  Frank set it by the neighbor's fence, and we gave it a pan of water.  Later, when we were outside, we saw that it had moved into the neighbors' yard, and then the next thing we knew, it was gone.  We're telling ourselves that it miraculously recovered and flew away. 

7.  The family room makeover is almost complete.  I use the word "almost" because I would still like to buy a few more pillows.  Mr. J, however, has put the kibosh on new pillows.  We are still negotiating. 

8.  Speaking of great transformations, I repainted the mailbox last week. 



Well, that did actually turn out to be an interesting post! 

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