Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Nice Picnic at the Park: Thanks for the Attempt

Since it is such a nice day today, I though the 3 of us should meet at the park for lunch.  I packed sandwiches for Frank and me, and put some spinach ravioli in a thermos for Jacob.  I had visions of us eating our lunch and happily playing for a while at the park. 

Jacob and I purposely arrived about 20-30 minutes before Frank, so we had some time to play.  Now, this park has a splash-ground which, in the 85 degree heat was definitely the place to be.  But Jacob didn't care about the water last time, so I didn't even put him in his trunks.  You know what my kid wants to do...

DRIVE!  Of course, anything with a steering wheel will get his attention. 

We also did a little swinging before Frank came for lunch.

This is where the pictures stop, though, because the rest of our outing was a downward spiral!  I'm not sure what set him off, but he did NOT want to behave.  He screamed and kicked and made a huge scene while we sat under the picnic shelter, and before our lunch was over, he had thrown my sandwich on the floor, spilled Frank's Sprite, kicked off his sandals... and refused to eat ANY food.  (well, except for a few bites of cookie that Frank stuffed in his mouth in an effort to keep him quiet for two seconds.)  Had we been in a restaurant, we would definitely have had to leave.  It was bad enough being in an open-air picnic shelter. 

As I cleaned up our mess, Frank took Jacob back over to the park, and this time, Jacob decided he wanted to play in the water!  There is actually a little structure in the splash area that looks like a steering wheel, and I think that caught his eye.  Anyway, one of the other little kids shifted a sprinkler, and guess who got drenched?  Being the nice parents we are, Frank and I just stood there laughing at him... you reap what you sow, even if you're only 18 months old!  It really didn't even bother Jacob, though; he was still thinking about the steering wheel!

As we left, I think Frank summed up the whole experience best when he said, "Thanks for the attempt.  Now, I'm going back to my office for some peace and quiet!" 

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