Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Fun- Part II

Mucho apologies that it has taken me a week to post Part II.  My classes had research papers due last week, so every free minute has been spent grading them... and then answering all of the emails and phone calls from students discussing why they deserved the grade that they got.  I feel like I am very lenient compared to my professors, and yet people still complain that the grading is too harsh.  Know what?  I don't remember the professors that taught the classes I skated through.  I do remember the ones that taught me something.  It's a double-edged sword for me because the students' evaluations play a role in getting a class for the next session, so if they give me negative evaluations, I'm less likely to pick up another class.  But I can't in all good conscience give good grades to people who don't earn them.  As a society, we have been so conditioned to think we are "entitled" to things, but education is not a democracy.  There are winners and losers, and you earn your place.  My students may not understand it now (or ever), but that is my philosophy.  It's not likely to change. 

Anyway.....  I think I left off after church.  I was not feeling like Supermom at this point.  Jacob had not behaved well all morning, and I was nervous about what he would do at our family party at noon.  The party was a joint birthday party for Frank and his dad Gary (but mostly it was for Gary, who was turning 6-0!!), and it was such a nice opportunity to see both sides of the family.  We had a private room, which was great, so Jacob happily ran around the tables with Jenna and Brett.  He paused long enough for a family picture.

and one with just the three of us.

Other than that, I did a terrible job of taking pictures.  I did get a good one of Grandma and Grandma M, who we would love to have as houseguests soon (hint-hint!).

After the party we went home, and Jacob played in the baby pool.  Grandma and Grandpa brought him cute new swim trunks, swim hat, (barely pictured) and a shirt (not pictured) from Caesar's in Vegas. 

 I seriously love clothes with sharks on this boy.  Maybe he was breastfed too long.

He had a blast playing in the pool, and who knew measuring cups could be so entertaining?  What a fun, relaxing afternoon!

I slacked on Monday and didn't get any pictures, although we went to such a nice cookout and Garett and Rachael's, complete with strawberry pie and baby kittens! 

I say it at least every day--- I'm so thankful for the family I was born into and the family I was blessed into. 

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