Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Fun - Part I

We had a nice long weekend this past weekend!  Frank had court in Effingham on Friday, and then he took 1/2 a day off, so Jacob and I met him at the Firefly Grill for lunch and then we headed south to Frank's parents' house.  (Check out the Firefly Grill if you're in Effingham.  It looks like a tin shack from the outside, but inside it is very eclectic and contemporary.  The food is a little pricey, but it was cheaper at lunch.)

When we got to Gary and Anna's we were so excited to find out that Jenna and Brett were waiting for us! Friday was their last day of school, and they came over to play with Jacob!  Jacob was a little slow to warm up at first, but he quickly decided that playing with his cousins was lots of fun.  He followed them everywhere!  At one point, I looked over at Brett, who was sitting in a chair that used to be Jenna's, and of course, who was right beside him?

(He stuck his tongue out in a lot of the pictures we took this weekend... no idea why.)

It was so nice to have some extra time on Friday to hang out, even though Friday was chilly, as you can see by the boys' clothes in the picture.

On Saturday, we did some visiting, and then on Saturday afternoon, we went to the park in DuQuoin.  Jacob thought the best part of the park was a steering wheel on one of the play structures!

He was also a big fan of the slide, although he likes to crawl up the slide instead of sliding down.

He liked the merry-go-round as well, but again, he would rather push grandma than ride.

On Saturday evening, Jenna and Brett were playing baseball games on adjoining diamonds.  Even though I didn't get to see much of either game because a certain Little Mr. Crazypants decided he would rather run around like a wildman, I did see Jenna make an awesome catch on first base and Brett hit one (of 4!) homeruns that night.

How cute are they?!

Sunday morning... oh Sunday morning... this is when I wished for Supernanny's help.  We decided to surprise Frank's grandma and show up at her church.  She was surprised, and (I think) happy that we came.  I didn't expect that Jacob would sit through the service.  I knew we would be up and down with him.  But I thought he would be quiet and sit still for longer than 35 seconds!  Let me set the scene for you:  the church was doing a Memorial Day service and it was very quiet and somber... except for my kid who was fussing and bucking against me.  Out of the sanctuary we go, and he's STILL not happy.  It's a small church, and we ended up outside on the sidewalk just so people weren't bothered by his noise.  I tried going back inside a few times, but he just didn't want to be there, and he let me know it.  Loudly.  Eventually, we raced back in to the sanctuary to get Frank, and we left for good.  I hope the nice people of Light the Way Christian Fellowship are praying for Jacob's momma...

... to be continued...

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