Friday, August 10, 2012

Rushing the Season

I love summer, but this summer has been so hot that it's been hard to really be outside to enjoy it.  I'm actually... kinda... looking forward to fall.

The weather this morning is unusually cool and windy, and it's definitely put me in a fall frame of mind, even though I know it will be 90 degrees again in 2 days!

Just so I'm not the only one thinking fall today, here are some pins from my Pinterest boards to get you in the mood as well:

How cute is this whole outfit?!  It would be perfect for tailgating at Illini games!


I want pumpkin topiaries this year.  My challenge will be making them secure enough that they doesn't blow over in the wind.  The little fake pumpkins from Hobby Lobby would f-l-y off my front porch.

Maple Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin for the crockpot.  Roasts always make me think of cooler weather.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

This one is genius.  I'm assuming boot socks will still be "in" this year, but I've never had a pair.  This is a quick little tutorial on how to turn the sleeve of an old sweater into a boot sock.

And finally, this is an idea to use for Halloween called Eyes in the Bushes.  Put a glow stick in these toilet paper rolls, hide them in the bushes, and viola!  Instant creepy!

Happy (very early) Fall!

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